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Topic assigned: Sex trafficking a new form of child abuse. An empirical look at statistics from a sociological perspective.

You must use a minimum of three academic sources in-bedded in your slides, and each of these sources should be on the identical topic. Your presentation should be presented in a scholarly and cohesive format. It should present the findings of studies discussed in your references. (See rubric) – PPT must have a minimum of 10 slides of text (not including cover page, references, tables and/or illustrations…). A sample PPT will be provided to help guide you.

Note: Scholarly papers do not describe personal experiences or feelings. The presentation should contain citations (footnotes, endnotes, or author‘s name in parentheses) for all facts or analyses that are not your own. Do not quote excessively. Quotes in contemporary research articles are limited to half a sentence in most instances. It is far better to paraphrase in your own words, which will better maintain the flow of the text and make it easier on the reader. Please note that I do not accept WiKipedia online resources, they must be from sources which have scholarly affiliations. You may also use our class text book as a source. The name of our text book is “The Social Dynamics of Family Violence” by Angela Hattery and Earl Smith.

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