You are to complete 700-words essay on “Celia, A Slave” by Melton A Mclaurin. You will need to write an essay answering the following questions using specific evidence from the book to support your answers fully. 1) When Newsom purchased Celia, what was he looking for? How did she differ from the other slaves he possessed? 2) Was the relationship that Newsom had with Celia unusual for that period? If this relationship had been discovered, who would have been seen by larger society as the victim and why? 3) Why does it appear that Celia allowed for this relationship to continue? 4) Why did Celia murder Newsom? Was she remorseful over his death? 5) Was Celia’s trial just about Newsom’s murder? If not, how did it reflect larger concerns of the period? 6) How did Jameson frame Celia’s defense during the trial? Did it seem as if there was any way that she could escape punishment? Do you believe that this was a fair trial? 7) Throughout the book, there are a number of places where there are no historical records to fill in the gaps. Where would you have liked to have seen more concrete evidence? What questions remain unanswered after finishing this book?

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