Technical Report

1. Description


You are required to write a technical report that focus on Network connection/communication and security aspects of Unix OS. [ only one paragraph of 100 words about unix ]


Starting of main report of 1500 words:


Introduction  {very brief description of aims (general) and objectives (what is done to achieve the aims to put report within context/sets the scene for the reader (e.g. where does this development fit within the field)}


Body of report  {main part of the report; e.g. describe the structure of the management of I/O System,  more efforts on detailing the I/O traffic controller, the I/O scheduler and the I/O device handler, etc. }


Conclusions {condensed version of body; briefly gives key findings}

References (Bibliography)  {demonstration of your referencing skills} [ Harvard referencing]


It should describe in depth the technical content. This technical report should be about 1500 words in length (excluding Cover page, Contents page and References).


. The report should be the culmination of good literature search work carried out through using a good mix of sources: book, journals, industry white papers, research outputs of organizations, web resources that have provenance, and textbooks.

The report structure and quality will also be marked, based on the criteria of quality of communication/expression and overall structure – organization of material and quality of documentation.


Marking Scheme

  • Technical content, depth, range of source materials and discussion demonstrations

40 Marks

  • Report structure (e.g., organisation of materials) and quality (communication or expression) – 10 Marks

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