You are being considered for retention as a forensic accountant by a federal prosecutor in a financial statement fraud case of the magnitude similar to that of a well-known, former American energy, commodities, and services company based in Texas. To demonstrate your forensic accounting mastery and fraud examination knowledge, prepare a report that addresses the following elements that you believe would be critical to the pending litigation: Fall on Enron

1. Explain forensic accounting and fraud examination methods that could be used to investigate the alleged fraud.
2. Assess the applicable rules governing the collection and admission of the types of evidence that are likely in the case.
3. Analyze strategies for litigation support as a consultant, expert witness, or fact witness.
4. Evaluate accounting approaches that could be used to compute the value of damages or the impact of the alleged fraud.
5. Identify the elements of a forensic fraud investigation report, and explain how they could be used to support case preparation.
6. Assess remediation strategies that could be used in the event the litigation is successful.
* No abstract needed. There should be 10 pages total. 1 Title page 8 body pages and 1 reference page.

Link to be used:

Refernce: National Public Radio. (n.d.). The fall of Enron. Retrieved from as well as any other references that may you may use

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