Write one or two paragraphs on each of the following art movements of the 20th century. Select one artwork from each of the movements to explain your ideas. How does each art movement relate to the ideals and developments of the 20th century, use class concepts (concepts of beauty, spiritual values, time and space concepts, relationship to nature and technology, universality, etc. etc.) in considering how the artwork reflects 20th century ideals and values.

1. Fauvism

2. German xpressionism

3. Cubism

4. Futurism

5. Dada

6. Constructionism

7. Bauhaus

8. Surrealism

9. Mexican Realism

10. Photography as Art

11. Abstract Expressionism (Action Painting)


13. Pop Art

14. Feminist Art

15. Modernism, Post Modernism, Retro

16. Environmental Art

17. Minimalism

Please be clear with what piece of artwork you are choosing to write about for each type of art

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