Wozniak, Jesse S. G. “Iraq and the material basis of post-conflict police reconstruction.”?Journal Of Peace Research?54, no. 6 (November 2017)

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al-Khatib, Aida “In Diyala, Iraqis Change Names To Avoid Being Targeted by Volunteer Militias,” Niqash. December. 17, 2015.

Al-Araji,Faiza “Iraq crisis since 2003,” A Family in Baghdad,Blogspot June. 28, 2014.

1)Introduce your topic and your thesis/argument at the beginning of the paper, and then
2)develop your argument by using the evidence from your sources. Integrate discussion and evaluation of your sources and their strengths and weaknesses. Regarding the sources and the evidence they provide, consider the relevance of these questions: who authored the source? What was their purpose? Are they reliable? What kind of information did you obtain from them? (for the secondary sources): what kinds of sources did they use? Why did you choose these particular sources? Finally,
3)write a conclusion in which you sum up your main argument(s).

use the above 6 sources to write a research paper about problems of post-war reconstruction of Iraq after 2003, 9 pages

Citations must conform to Chicago Manual Notes and Bibliography Style.

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