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While Romans is by far Paul’s most systematic letter, it was written to the Roman church in order to address specific concerns. Discuss the occasion, date, recipients, and purpose of Romans. Consider the following: Who founded the church in Rome? What was the situation like in Rome during this time? Who wrote Romans? From where was it written?


First of all, let the obvious be stated: the purpose of the Group Discussion Board Forums is to provide each student with a forum in which to interact on a scholarly level with other members of the class. It is a way of creating a virtual classroom experience. Note the following guidelines as you prepare and compose your forum threads and replies:

1. Do some research in preparation for your thread (your response to the provided forum topic). You will need to study the Bible passage(s) under consideration in order to be reasonably sure of the verse’s or verses’ teaching (per above instructions). You must read a few scholarly commentaries in addition to the course textbook and a couple of articles that specifically address the topic and/or the Scripture passage at hand.

2. As you compose your thread (your original response to the provided forum topic), aim for 4–6 paragraphs (this will vary per topic) for a maximum word count of 300. The original thread must be 250–300 words. More specifically, devote a full paragraph to each component of the forum’s instructions. Each paragraph does not have to be lengthy, but it must be substantial, concise, and must reflect serious thought and research. You must demonstrate an excellent grasp of English grammar and critical thought. Your essay must be cohesive, coherent, and concise. Your thread is worth 60 points.

3. You must aim for 1 paragraph on each component of the Discussion Board Forum prompt. You must refer to at least 1 scholarly source for each paragraph. You must document your sources in either parenthetical references or footnotes (per current Turabian format). Be sure to include a works cited list at the bottom of the page. In this vein, you must cite from Moo; you must also consult additional scholarly sources such as journal articles and commentaries.

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