This week’s homework assignment is an analysis of a news article about a bankruptcy fraud, workers’ compensation fraud or a fraud that involved bribery. The article will be about a fraud that has occurred rather than be an education article about that type of fraud. The article should not be older than 12-24 months if possible (the more recent the better) and should be selected from well-known media sources (not blog entries, etc.). Keep in mind this assignment is NOT looking for journal articles, scholarly articles, editorials, etc. The article you find should not already contain analysis of the fraud; it should simply tell us what happened (just the facts about it and those involved).

Here are the requirements for the analysis:

(1) Find a news article from a well-known, reputable online news source (no blogs entries, etc.)

(2) The article must be relatable to content from our course

(3) The article should not be more than 12-24 months old (if at all possible)

(4) Apply concepts we have covered so far to the fraud described in your article. For example, the fraud triangle could be applied.

You can assume or suggest facts and ideas to assist in your analysis. An example of this would be that we usually do not know what exactly a fraudsters rationalization for fraud may be, but we can make a good guess.

(5) Follow the formatting requirements for the homework assignments just as you have been for previous homework assignments (submit as a Word document, Arial 12 font, 1 inch margins,

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