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  • Week 7 Assignment: Current Events in Counterterrorism


In examining course materials, the various methods to counterterrorism are introduced and the need to remain vigilant in the ever-changing face of terrorism is reinforced. To demonstrate the ongoing counterterrorism efforts globally, identify a current event, reported by a news source within the last 12 months.

The selection should focus on anti-terrorism activities or counterterrorism activities and include some an appropriate level of detail for an analysis to be completed. The news source can be a written news article published on the internet, a video news source, or audio news source; any selected source should be cited and linked in the submission.

  • In a brief, 3 to 4-page paper discuss the current event you have selected, specifying the counterterrorism activity that was carried out, thwarting a potential terrorist attack.


  • Include a summary of the major points presented in the selected news source.


  • Close by sharing your thoughts about the global efforts in counterterrorism and how these efforts affect the presence of terrorist activity.

Papers should be formatted in APA style, including separate title and reference pages that are not counted in the 3 to 4-page minimum. In-text citations are required in addition to the reference page.

Criterion Excellent




Needs Improvement


Unsatisfactory Score
Review of Topic

50 points possible

Student provides a thorough review of the assigned topic, addressing each component of the topic with detailed descriptions. Student provides a review of the assigned topic; details to the specific components of the topic may be lacking. Student provides a marginal review of the assigned topic; significant details are lacking. Work does not address the appropriate topic.  

20 possible points

Course materials and other scholarly sources are used to support assertions. Course materials are used to support some assertions in the work. Assertions in the work are not supported by evidence. Work is based upon opinion only.  

15 possible points


Work is presented in a logical and coherent way. Writing is clear, articulate, and error free. Work is grammatically sound with a few minor errors. Work contains frequent grammatical errors. Significant grammatical errors within the work severely affect the readability.  

15 possible points


APA formatting is complete, with all required paper elements accurately noted. APA formatting is complete with some minor errors. Work contains incomplete and inaccurate APA formatting. Work contains no formatting.  

100 possible points




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