As a Veterinarian, my duty is to protect the wellbeing of animals ( farm animals, wild animals, home pets)  as well as humans. I already take on the responsibility of treating animals whose life’s are at stake everyday due to oil spills, contaminated water, forest fires, and other disasters cause by mother nature.

Water is one of life’s most essential substances. If it were not for water there would be no place for human beings, plants, and animals on this Earth. Water consumes 2/3 of our living space as well as 75 percent of our body weight. Just like us, The Everglades needs water too. Not having enough water, causes a number of problems for us and for the species residing in The Everglades. Here are just a few, shortage in water leads to soil drying, which leads to plants not having enough nutrients to grow. Not to mention animals/fish will also have a shortage of drinking sources. I will be conducting a study comparing the life of animals in The Everglades compared to the life of animals in Bear Mountain State Park.


1. What type of chemicals are being found in this water?

2. Is there a way to prevent animals and fish to come in contact with contaminated water.


1. What exactly is causing these animals to become extinct ?

2. How can we spread the word to make this water more clean?

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