. A utility boiler is upgrading its air pollution control equipment, including the installation of an activated carbon injection system to control mercury emissions.  This mercury control system will require a pulse-jet baghouse be installed, to filter the process gases and capture the mercury-laden activated carbon particles, which have a median mass diameter of 3.5 um.  The exhaust stream is 32,000 acfm and 290°F, and has a carbon loading of 6 grains per cubic foot.  The utility’s corporate purchasing agent has an existing relationship with a bag manufacturer, which can provide 10-foot long bag cages, with a fabric surface area of 13 ft2 per cage at a cost of $15.05 per cage.  The cages come in boxes of 200 only.

How much money does the utility boiler need to budget for cages for this new baghouse?

3. For the given specifications, calculate the number of plates needed for an ESP to achieve 98% removal efficiency:

Airflow = Q = 2500 m3/min

Average particle charge = q = 10 electron charges

Electric field = 75,000 V/m

Particle diameter = dp = 2.0 µm

Each plate dimension = 8m x 4m

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