Antioxidant Nutrients and Nutrition and Bone Health
Initial Post:
Using your favorite search engine, find a vitamin and mineral supplement and evaluate it. In your initial forum post, discuss the following:
• What is the cost of these supplements?
• How do the amounts of vitamins and minerals in the product compare with the DRIs, AI, and UL?
• Are the levels of nutrients safe?
• What compounds are included that are not essential nutrients?
• What disclaimers or warnings are made about the product? Does the manufacturer provide scientific evidence to back up their claim?
• How likely is the supplement to improve a person’s health?
Your initial post must be at least 250 words. You need to state your thesis and support it with evidence and at least one outside, reputable reference. Your textbook is not an outside reference. Remember, there is no right or wrong.
Notifiable Disease and Social Determinants of Health
Choose a current Nationally Notifiable Disease in the U.S. Describe this disease, identify the causative agent, and why it is a notifiable disease. Describe the transmission of this disease. Discuss how cases of this disease are confirmed.
Initial responses should be no less than 200 words in length not including your reference(s) and supported by at least two references (aside from the textbook)
Milton & Bunyan
Who is your favorite “character” in John Milton’s poem? Why is this character your favorite? Please write a detailed response and refer specifically to the text.
Your initial post should be at least 250 words
• Read the Chapter 1 Closing Case- Emerging Markets: Two Scenarios of the Global Economy in 2050
• Provide complete answers to Case Discussion Questions 1–3
Print text or e-book: Global Business, 4th (2015). Peng, Mike W. Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning.

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