Using the same company that you selected for the first assignment, develop an in-depth analysis of the organizational culture. Discuss the hierarchy or authority, division of labor, and the common goals among the organization. Develop a simple organization table with vertical and horizontal dimensions. Discuss how the organization falls into the Burns and Stalker Model, and explain your reasoning. Considering your original strategic plan for the future of the organization, develop an in-depth analysis of why Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs will play a role in your role as a manager and how the role can be used to motivate employees and influence positive change and growth for the organization.

This essay will be 1250-1500 words of content, and must be written in APA format, for which a template will be provided. An abstract is not needed. Grading will rubric-based, to allow students to fully understand expectations. I have attached the Grading rubric.

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