Using the network design principles described in the textbook you are going to analysis, design and model a portion of CSU’s network. You only need to consider the Albury, Bathurst and Wagga Wagga campuses of CSU. Only consider one office building and one academic computer centre on each campus. There is also one central computer centre on the Bathurst campus housing the Web Server running and the external access to the internet. On Wagga campus site, there are one print server and two VLANs: staff VLAN and student VLAN. Include one workstation per VLAN. The staff VLAN will only be able to access the print server. The staff and the student VLANs will be available on the academic computer centre. Make any necessary assumptions and improve the description given, with justification, to model this network in PacketTracer. You may require research from Internet to explore the possibilities of setting up VLANs spanning on the request location, as well as suitable dynamic routing protocol to enable the end-to-end connection.
You have been asked to design such a network by utilizing a private IP address generated from your CSU student ID ( details see the note as follows) for the CSU internal network and a public IP address for the external internet service provider (ISP).
Once you have obtained successful end-to-end connection, for improving the network security, please consider applying ACL to secure the network traffic. You need to create an extended ACL that will deny HTTP traffic from devices in student VLAN to Web Server but allow other traffic to go through. HTTP uses TCP on port 80.

Test your ACL by using:
• Ping from any PC in student VLAN to Web Server should be success
• You shouldn’t be able to access Web Server by using web browser from any PC in student VLAN, it should time out

Submit a network design document considering the principles of network design. Include screen captures of your network in PacketTracer and evidence that everything works end-to-end. You should submit one document including the answers to the questions in Part A and PacketTracer *.pkt file.

Note: The Private IP address (use private Network please use your last 4 digits of your student ID as the second and third octets of your network address. Keep other bits same as what are shown in the addressing table and the figure below. For example, if your student ID is 11567890, using the last 4 digits (7890). your main network address will be

Marks will be given for the quality of the analysis, design and model following the network design principles and evidence of correct operation (PacketTracer .pkt file).


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