Take on the role of an advance research team for an organization exploring the opening of an office in Asia.

Use the organization: Alphabet Inc. – As the parent company of subsidiaries like Google (which itself is an umbrella including Google Search, YouTube, and other services), Google Fiber, Zagat, and a whole host of think-tanks, Alphabet, Inc. could do well for itself and be welcomed in some of the tech-centered nations of Asia (like Japan, India, and Taiwan). Conversely, other nations that tightly control the flow of information, such as China and Thailand, might be less optimal locations, or even entirely untenable. This would give us a range of different conditions in different nations, from favorable to hostile. Also, Alphabet has a lot to offer a host nation, such as: development of infrastructure in the form of Google Fiber’s fiber optic Internet service network and Google’s data centers which support faster, more robust Internet service; R&D firms that could partner with local businesses to develop new products and services; creation of jobs in both building and manning facilities, etc. Alphabet would have access to a wider/deeper selection of data from the host nation, encounter new markets, and encounter new companies they could acquire or partner with to continue to expand and strengthen their conglomerate, as well as expanding their global reach/impact in general.

Prepare a 275 word document briefing that addresses issues of cultural, political, economic, and communications differences between Mainland Southeast Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore) and the United States.

Include the following: 1. A summary of each region, a description of how the region views U.S. citizens and their businesses, and a prediction for the success of the business in the region.

2. Potential threats to U.S. businesses, potential benefits for the region, and your recommendations for the optimal location to expand your business

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