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Unit 6: Comparing Two Independent Means

Evaluation Title: Assignment 6 Rubric


In this assignment, you will use the confidence intervals calculated in Unit 5 to determine if two means are the same.


  1. Open your Unit 6 assignment
  2. Identify the means and confidence intervals for the resting heart rate for mean and women.
  3. Use the 95% confidence intervals to determine if the resting male heart is the same as the resting female heart.
  4. Repeat the comparison for the 99% confidence interval.
  5. In a Word documents, explain why you think the two means are or are not the same with a 95% level of confidence.  Be certain to repeat your argument for a 99% level of confidence.

Additional Instructions:

Your assignment should be typed into a Word or other word processing document, formatted in APA style. The assignments must include

  • Running head
  • A title page with
    • Assignment name
    • Your name
    • Professor’s name
    • Course

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