Paper Topics Students will write four full 3-4 content page papers (in APA Style,

6th edition) by responding to the topic prompts below and submit to the Assignment Dropbox by the assigned date in the Course Schedule. Papers will apply the topic to your work at your site, not theoretical or conceptual. Be sure to clearly respond to all parts of the prompts in a meaningful, insightful, applied, purposeful manner. The purpose of this assignment is to begin to synthesize clinical and conceptual knowledge across the curriculum, and to apply it to actual client interactions.

Topic #1: Building Rapport & Clinical Assessment in Counseling How are you building rapport with your clients?  ALSO, Please answer below questions.

1.What techniques are you utilizing?

2.What assessment tools and instruments are you using at your site?

3.If you are not using any yet, what assessment tools and instruments are used at your site?

4.Are there any assessment items that you feel most comfortable asking about?

4a. Why? or Why not?

5.Are there any assessment items that you feel uncomfortable asking about?

5a. Why? or Why not?


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