Title: Strategy Integration and Synthesis


Write a 3 page analysis focused on the role of strategy, its relationship to different business activities across an organization, and how these business activities inform the formulation and implementation of strategy for your selected firm.

  1. Explain why strategy is important and what impacts it has on an organization.
  2. Explain how strategy is formulated.
  3. Explain how strategy can be effectively integrated and implemented.
  4. Are there places in the identification and development of strategy where an organization could make critical mistakes? If so, how would you recommend an organization avoid doing this?
  5. How does strategy help an organization? Why not just make a tactical plan and complete the relevant activities?
  6. What are key barriers to organizations successfully implementing strategy?
  7. Does successful implementation of strategy always provide a win for an organization?
  8. Is there a situation where an organization can implement its strategy flawlessly and still not win in the marketplace?
  9. Analyze how strategy informs (and how is it informed by) key activities of your firm, including leadership, marketing, accounting, finance, and others.


  • Logically summarize analysis


  • 3 pages without Title page and Reference
  • APA format: 5 academic sources
  • Minimum 5 sentence complete paragraphs

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