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In Week 6 Discussion 1, provide three examples of instructional strategies that you as a trainer can use to help students based on learner characteristics that you identified in the written assignment #1.  (1st Post)

  • There are thousands of instructional strategies that trainers and teacher can use to deliver instruction.  These instructional strategies can include cooperative learning and group discussion.
  • Make sure to discuss why you choose such instructional strategy to deliver the instruction based on the learner analysis.
    • Remember, a learner analysis is a procedural process that you as an instructor, trainer, or researcher will use to identify the learner characteristics.


“Evaluation Methods” Please respond to the following: (2nd Post)

  • In any forms of instruction,the trainers or instructors normally conduct an evaluation to determine whether or not the learners master the presented concepts,objectives,and or standards.
  • The instructors or trainers may use different forms of evaluation such as questioning, quiz or test, task- or project-based completion, journal, or reflection.
  • In some cases, these evaluation methods can present poor forms of assessment that do not meet the learners’ needs.
  • In your professional assessment of evaluation, explain the impact of poor evaluation questions that instructors or trainers use to evaluate instruction. Support your position or argument with concrete examples.

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