This is a seminal project for this course; it should comprise all of the ideas that you have learned. This task is a group undertaking; the team is free to organize itself and/or break apart based on the desires and decisions of its members; this group is an association governing itself.

The endeavor should be an in-depth creative analysis of a top organizational, global, national, or local leadership issue that interests members of the team. The team may select a real business case that one of the team members is facing at work, conduct work for a client, or select a future topic of interest.

Describe the case. What are the main problems? What are the main challenges? Who are the current leaders? What is their character? Has anyone attempted to solve this case before? What would it take to address the matters? What type of a leader could solve this problem? Reason logically and in depth.


Organizational Leadership Issue: 

Part I – Problem (what is the problem?)

Part II – Organization

1) Describe the Organization

2) Organizational Structure(s)

3) Work Processes & Waste

Part III – Solutions

1) A possible / traditional approach

2) Deming Analysis

3) Dixon Analysis

4) Leaders, and toxic leaders

5) Creative / Idealistic Approach

Part IV – Recommendations

1) Your recommendation to management

2) Identify leaders and leadership roles

3) Discuss leadership accountabilities

Part V – Futuristic Approaches and Ideas

Global Leadership Issue: 

Part I – Problem (what is the problem?)

Part II – Solutions

4) A possible solution

5) Social Business Solution (Yunus’ approach)

6) Creative / Crazy Solution for public   good

Part III – Current Solutions

6) What is currently being done?

7) Today – private or public good?

8) Who are beneficiaries today?

9) Identify current leaders, and if you can   find, toxic leaders

Part IV – Recommendations

4) Your recommendation (what should be   done, at what level)

5) Identify leaders and leadership roles

6) Discuss leadership accountabilities

Part V – Futuristic Solutions and Ideas

Important Things:

Due Date: 3 hours

Pages: 5

Format: APA

References Page

Title or Cover Page

Table of Contents Page

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