Unit BUS1003 Business Communication & Academic Writing       
Assessment Type Individual Assignment


Assessment Name Case Study
Unit Learning



LO: 1

LO: 2

Due Date and Time  Week 8, Friday 18th January 2019, 5pm
Weighting 20%


This assessment task serves to demonstrate students’ abilities to apply to their knowledge of persuasive communication and how to structure an argument.


Students are required to write a 1000 word case study report discussing the importance of persuasion in business communications.

In your case study you are expected to cover the following:

•   The importance of persuasion in business communication.

•   Characteristics of persuasive communication

•   Persuasive strategies

•   Use specific examples of how these persuasive strategies are applied in modern business communications.

•   Use at least 5 credible sources to support your case study. Remember you need to cite sources in-text, as well as the reference list.

Misconduct •       Copying information from others (i.e. websites, partner company information, or other students etc.) without the acknowledging the author will not be tolerated.

•       To avoid being charged with Misconduct, students need to apply Harvard Style Referencing (ask your lecturer or the learning support coordinator if you do not know what this means, or you need assistance applying it). 

•       The AIH misconduct policy and procedure can be read here:

https://aih.nsw.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Student-Academic-MisconductPolicy.pdf,  https://aih.nsw.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Student-AcademicMisconduct-Procedure.pdf

•       Use the AIH referencing guide accessible via Library Moodle page.




Submit to A2 Link on BUS1003/BUS105 Moodle page.

•       1000 words

•       2.5 cm margins

•       1.5 point spacing

•       Calibri or Arial font

•       11-12 size font




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