Task 3 – Innovation Report


The purpose of this task is to propose a leading edge, strategic innovation to address a corporate challenge in the area of corporate social responsibility, sustainability (or a challenge in your industry) by renewing a firm’s current approach.


This is an individual task (2,500 words) where you need to demonstrate your ability to propose an innovation to address a corporate social responsibility / sustainability / industry challenge, by drawing on the relevant material in this course. You need to register the challenge you wish to work on by Week 10 with your lecturer. Details of this assessment will be provided on Blackboard and in class.




Your report will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • define the corporate social responsibility/sustainability/industry challenge in need of an innovation response.
  • demonstrate how sources of ideas influence the development of the innovation and creative solution.
  • apply the strategic innovation model
  • consider the most appropriate leadership approach for the innovation response proposed
  • formulate an innovation implementation approach that would give this innovation response the best chance of succeeding.
  • present your proposal in a professional manner
  • argue convincingly, supported by relevant evidence.

The file I have attached with this we have to take information from those slides. Actually in this assignment we have to pick a one company and prepare report about that company

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