1. The word limit is 15,000 – with a leeway of 5% either way
2. Word count excludes bibliography, references etc.
3. There are 7 key elements that we are looking for in a dissertation
a) Concise set research objectives
b) Literature Review
c) Primary Research – 1 method (only) is acceptable.
d) Sampling method need to be referenced – e.g. is probability/non-probability and why
e) Conclusions – Preference is to have smaller number of conclusion with greater depth rather than a list of bullet points.
f) Recommendations – should be a fixed set of recommendations for each dissertation. Minimum 2 recommendations. Note: some dissertations may not have recommendations. This is your call.
g) Flow in whole document is preferable.
4. Maximum of 5 research objectives recommended– preference is 3-5 objectives. Dissertation needs to meet all objectives.
5. Dissertations to be written in 3rd party

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