You are a team lead at the warehouse unit of a major clothing retailer. You have been assigned to assemble a team of seven coworkers to complete Project Fall. Your team must tag, fold, package, and ship the fall collection of coats and sweaters to 50 nationwide stores. Your team will likely have to work overtime to meet the deadlines. The project is a three-month trial; if your team hits its goals, you will all be awarded a bonus, and be assigned Project Spring with the same incentives. If you miss your goals, you will not receive a bonus, and Project Spring will be assigned to another division.

You are nervous about assembling this team, as personality conflicts, disagreements about joint tasks, and poor communication plight this department. Also, the majority of your coworkers are single parents and college students with multiple obligations outside of work, and they resist working any extra hours.

Write a 900- to 1100-word to 3 paper that answers the following questions:

How will you form the team? Address all stages of team formation.
How will you manage challenges, such as intergroup conflict, absenteeism, and stress? What techniques will you use to prevent and/or resolve them?
How will you motivate employees, help them retain work-life balance, and reduce the possibilities of burnout?
How will you ensure you team meets its goals?

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