Task-1 Risks and their management are critical to the successful completion of any project. Briefly discuss the various types of risk that have occurred in projects that you have been part of or have dealt with as an end user. What could have been done to prevent them occurring in the first place? If nothing, what could have been lesson their impact when they did occur? (1.5 – 2 pages)

Task-2 (This assignment is part of the project on RFID technology in retail industry). not sure, how many pages, just focus on all requirements and formats.
This assignment is designed to allow you to identify risks to your project, their impacts, and to develop actions that can be taken should they actually occur. You will use the qualitative methods to perform this process. Also attached in the risk Probability/Impact rating matrix to help you complete this process. Be sure to watch the PowerPoint on how to prepare the matrix.
Note: Be sure focusing on the attached files on task-2 where you will get all the formats on this assignment.

Task-3 Select an industry of interest such as automobile, hospital and banking. Identify and describe the problem affecting the industry where business system may be used. Develop a complete business case for an idea. This may be a real example from your work environment or a fictional example from anywhere you choose. Please create and provide an “original/unique” structure resolution for the problem. The following are some of the key points to list in your business case:

Executive Summary
Introduction and Overview
Analysis of the Situation (include problem statement or issue and solution of problem or issue) most important part of this paper.
Project Description
Assessment of Benefits
Data Flow Diagram
Budget and project timeline
Template Example: http://www.projectmanagementdocs.com/project-initiation-templates/business-case.html#axzz4sOaPgvbK
note: please be focused on problem statement and the solution points, because you have to prepare power point presentation slides on that points.

Power point presentation slides on this same project’s (problem and solution points), in slides just brief the problem and focus on the solution mostly.
Students will gain practical experience applying the System Development Life Cycle model and related techniques by undertaking an individual project based on a real organizational need. Students will perform analysis of an issue or regulatory requirement and develop a solution using the concepts, methods and techniques that we will cover in class. The students will gain experience working on a Business Case project as an individual – which is a real-world requirement for most jobs

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