The research paper is a means whereby the student has an opportunity to select a particular target population/social phenomenon for an in-depth research in the broad area of human behavior in the social environment. To enhance the relevance of the topic, it should be directly related to the student’s anticipated field placement. The intent of this assignment is to gather the pertinent knowledge to be found in the literature and in the field, that will prepare the student for service delivery. Thus, the student should clear the proposed topic with the instructor.

The paper should be printed/typed, double-spaced on 81/2 by 11 papers. The student should have a copy of his/her personal file, as the instructor may retain the original. The student must follow the American Psychological Association editorial style. The maximum is 6 pages (including the reference page).

Content of the research paper should include the following:
1) description of the target population, social problem/social phenomenon, its extent, prevalence, and impact;
2) Causation – to include theoretical constructs and empirical research (a minimum of 3 articles and 2 books including class text);
3) Direct and indirect impacts on individual, group, and societal needs;
4) Intervention strategies
5) Prevention Strategies
6) Implications for social work
7) summary/conclusions

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