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Teams will write an essay summarizing their Week 4 presentation. Furthermore, identify and discuss cultural issues in the media, workplace, and society.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word essay that summarizes your Week 4 presentation and additionally includes the following:

Summary of each of the following from your Week 4 presentation:

Jacques Week 4 -What is diversity?

Week 4- How can companies work toward embracing various cultures, ethnicities, and gender differences?

Jacques Week 4 How can companies avoid discrimination issues?

Week 4 What communication tools can companies use to support various cultural groups?

Summary of the following Week 5 concepts:

Week 5- How the examples reaffirm cultural stereotypes

Week 5  -Discussion of how stereotypes in the media influence how cultural groups are treated in the workplace

Week 5- How consumers can become media literate

Week 5 How media corporations can diversify the images of cultural groups

Jacques -Week 5 The advantages to having ethnic and cultural diversity in society

Week 5-Intro & conclusion


(125 words each )

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