Summarize the significance of Jesus’ 3 resurrection appearances to His disciples.
Explain how John 21 supports the notion of Johannine authorship of the Gospel.
Identify unique characteristics of John’s Gospel in relation to the Synoptic Gospels.
Demonstrate how John’s theology is firmly rooted in the Old Testament.
What are the circumstances surrounding Jesus’s three resurrection appearances to his disciples?
What is the primary purpose for Jesus’s commissioning of Peter?
How does the final chapter of John’s gospel support the notion that the apostle John wrote it?
Trace the story line of each of the three Synoptic Gospels and relate these to that of John’s gospel.
Comment on each of the fourteen explicit Old Testament quotations in John’s gospel, considering also the book’s most significant Old Testament allusions.
Discuss the points of contact between John’s gospel and the other Johannine writings as well as similarities and differences between John and Paul, Hebrews, or Peter.
Comparative Essay Instructions

Selection of Topic

Choose 1 of the following topics for your Comparative Essay:

Age of the earth (radioisotope dating vs. alternative methods)
Origin of coal(swamp forestsvs. marine deposition)
Dating the rock layers seen in the Grand Canyon (old earth vs. young earth)
The fossil record(evidence of: long periods of time vs. short periods of time)
Mass extinctions in the fossil record(old-earth vs. young-earth)

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