Instructions – LP4


Successful completion of this assignment will require students to create a plan for health care initiatives based on documented best practices with consideration given to related fiscal, regulatory and policy issues.

Significant changes are happening in the U.S. health care environment in many areas, such as

  •  Disease management
  •  Delivery of care
  •  Patient participation
  •  Health care coverage
  • For this assignment, you will create video presentation using powerpoint 2010 or higher. Your audience is comprised of undergraduates studying health care administration. For this assignment, you should:
  1. Select 3 areas where the U.S. health care system is experiencing significant change. You can select from the list above, or identify topics through research
  2. Research the health care systems of at two other Western nations (Europe, Canada, Australia or New Zealand) in the same three areas of health care
  3. Compare and contrast the countries in these three areas (include at least 1 chart or graph)
  4. Rank the three health care systems in the three areas (hint: there may not be one system that is “the best” in all areas, so you will have 3 ranked lists). Be sure to provide an explanation of your ranking system
  5. Finally, provide at least 3 recommendations for best practices that the U.S. health care system should integrate to improve patient care. Make sure your recommendations take into consideration potential fiscal, regulator and/or policy issues

Create the video using PowerPoint 2010

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