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Milestone Guidelines and Checklist
Subject of Final Outline: Volkswagen and the quality issues that have plagued the company in the recent couple of year.

Prompt: Your Milestone submission will be a detailed outline that must incorporate each critical element of the final project. Use the checklist below as a guideline for each critical element that must be covered in this outline. For the purpose of this milestone, copy and paste the critical elements into an outline and add one to two bullet items per critical element. Each bullet item should serve as the basis of your information for that critical element. The intent of this outline is to ensure that you are on the right track for your final project. A comprehensive outline will provide a solid foundation as you develop and complete your final project.

This assignment will be graded pass/fail. You must address all of the critical elements to receive credit for this assignment.

Requirements of Submission: 6-8 pages and a reference page. Written components of this project must follow these guidelines: double spacing, 12‐point Times New Roman font, one‐inch margins, and APA‐style citations.

Research: Include at least two of the four required sources of research that you will incorporate into your final project. The source of the research is all that is required for this outline.

Checklist for Outline

Critical Elements Are all elements covered? If not, what is missing? Instructor feedback
Company Background and History
Description of Quality Issue
Quality Culture
Voice of the Customer
Change Management Plan
Quality Theories
Quality Tools and Techniques
Implementing Change
Resistance to Change
Expected Outcomes


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