Paper Submission Requirements:

Papers should be typed, double-spaced, with 12-pt font and 1-inch

margins, and should conform to APA (American Psychological Association) Style, 6th Edition. Proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation are expected

This activity is designed for students to comprehensively

understand how to complete an interview, write up findings, and present information to the class.

Each student will be required to interview a child and/or parent between the ages of 2-18 years

of age. After completing interview, the student is required to write up a biopsychosocial report

based on interview (minimum of 5 pages) and create a 10-15 minutes powerpoint presentation

regarding client.

Case Study assignment is worth 30 points and is

due on February 3,2018

Each student needs to submit the Biopsychosocial report, Powerpoint presentation, and

Informed Consent signed on the scheduled due date.


  1. Biopsychosocial – should consist of the following sections in report: presenting problem, history of

problem, developmental/medical history, family history, educational/social history, special

considerations, mental status and client’s strengths, clinical findings, diagnostic impressions, and

tentative treatment recommendations.

(15 points)


  1. Powerpoint presentation – should consist of the following sections for the presentation: demographic

information, presenting problem, developmental/medical, family history, educational/social history,

diagnosis, differential diagnosis, treatment, medication (if applicable), diversity issues, and ethical issues. (15 points)

Must include and will be graded on below.


Report (15 pts)

Discussed presenting and history of problem

Developmental/Medical History reported

Family History is discussed

Educational/Social History reported

Special Considerations discussed

Mental Status and Client’s strengths reported

Clinical Findings is appropriate to history of problem

Diagnoses is appropriate to history of problem

Treatment recommendation is appropriate for diagnosis

Written clearly and concisely

No or few errors in grammar

No or few errors in punctuation

Provided adequate demographic information about the client

Maintained confidentiality of client’s name and characteristics

Discusses presenting problem in presentation

Developmental/Medical history discussed

Family History presented

Educational/Social History discussed

Drew correct conclusions relating to clinical diagnoses and

differential diagnoses of client

Treatment and Medication recommendation were appropriate for


Discussed diversity issues relating to client and therapist

Ethical issues relating working with client was reported

Presented information clearly and concisely

Student was able to answer questions about the presentation and

defend diagnoses

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