STC423-S-S19—Crisis Communications and management

First assignment — definitions Due Jan. 24

Please define each of the following:


Crisis management

Crisis communications


Write at least Oneparagraph, with the majority in your own words, for each definition. Cite your sources within the text.

You can find these definitions in your textbook, and you need at least oneadditional academicsource for eachdefinition. If you do not already have your textbook, you need twooutside academicsources for each definition.

I have posted a reading on Blackboard that will be particularly helpful for this assignment. I expect you to use this source.

Keep in mind that online dictionaries and Wikipedia are not acceptable or credible academic sources. Be sure to cite your sources. Whenever you draw on or discuss an article or book, including your textbook for the course, you should cite it appropriately using APA style or some other style. You need both the in-text citation, including page numbers if applicable, as well as the bibliographyat the end. See site also has some good writing resources.

If you do not already have the textbook, you may have some trouble finding a non-medical definition of “prodrome,” but I do notwant the medical definition. Keep looking.

I want to see the words “strategic,” “pre-planned” or “proactive” in your crisis communications and crisis management definitions.

Your assignment must be typed, stapled and double-spaced. I do not accept assignments via email. Turn your assignment in at the beginning of class. I will deduct 2 points per grammar, spelling and punctuation error. Content and citation errors will be 5 points each. This is an upper-level class in the Department of Strategic Communication. It is imperative that, as professional communicators, we write clearly, accurately and correctly.

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