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As a senior Manager for your company, your CEO has asked for a report on how different organisations respond to their environment with consideration of their IT needs and the legal awareness they must have. Formulate a report that encompasses the following elements:

Task 1

· For a minimum of three selected, different types of organisation; explain their responsibilities and how they try to meet them.

· Explain the typical, elements for the formation of a legal contract between organisations and a third party and:

· Describe the importance of different terms in a contract, giving examples

· Apply knowledge of contract and tort to selected business scenarios with your response showing:

· Evaluate the impact of, and possible problems with, different types of contract in given scenarios

· Compare, distinguish between, contractual liability and liability in negligence

· Explain the importance of vicarious liability to business organisations giving examples of such liability

Task 2

· Explain the impact of the UK business environment and international trade on selected business organisations.

· Explain the benefits and barriers to a business, including those relating to security, which face an online business organisation. Within your answer you should describe scope and types of e-business processes and transactions

· Explain the legal issues facing an online business organisation.

Task 3

· Explain how market forces affect a range of different organisations and their impact on

· determination of pricing and output decisions of organisations.

· Evaluate the impact of environmental factors on markets.

· Evaluate the benefits and elements of internet marketing and explain the tools that may be used for effective internet marketing.

· Explain the key features of interactive order processing.

Task 4

· Evaluate existing communication and information systems in a selected organisation. Your considerations should cover collection, storage, and sharing of information and knowledge

· Create a plan to improve existing communication and information security and storage systems for a chosen organisation.

Assignment Word Count

Task 1 1500 words

Task 2 750 words

Task 3 750 words

Task 4 Presentation with notes and a maximum of 12 slides

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