Select a contemporary scientific, technical, or social issue that has an impact in the workplace to use for this assessment. Research at least one law-oriented article that discusses your selected issue.
Write an executive summary for organizational leadership regarding a contemporary scientific, technical, or social issue impacting the workplace. Use headings to organize your writing and citations from course readings, workplace examples, or other relevant research to support your assertions. Include the following in your executive summary:
Describe a contemporary scientific, technical, or social issue that has an impact in the workplace.
Analyze how this workplace issue influenced (or could influence) employee productivity in your own current or former organization. Be sure to keep the organization anonymous.
Explain the impact of the workplace issue from the perspective of an HRM executive.
Assess how relevant legislation affects the selected issue in the workplace.
Assess the ethical ramifications of the issue on HRM practices in the workplace.
Communicate in a professional manner, using scholarly resources that support the assessment through clear, concise, well-organized, and grammatically correct writing that incorporates appropriate APA style conventions.
Additional Requirements
References: Support your assertions with citations from the suggested materials in the Resources, workplace examples, and any relevant additional research.
Format: Use proper APA style and format for in-text citations and references.
Length: 2–3 double-spaced, typed pages, in addition to the references page.
Written communication: Demonstrate graduate-level writing skills through accurate communication of thoughts that convey the overall goals of the assessment and do not detract from the message.
Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

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