Considering Human Resource Planning from Different Perspectives
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1)Considering Human Resource Planning from Different Perspectives

Why is it important to look at both the manager and the employee points of view when engaging in human resource planning? How can this information be used as a source of strategy?

2)“Business Decisions”

  •  a) Identify a type of business you would like to own. Next, evaluate two (2) advantages and two (2) disadvantages of buying an existing business compared to those of starting the new business from the ground up. State your decision and explain your rationale.
  • b) In buying or starting the business above, you determine that you do not need external financing. Discuss why you should write a business plan, and select one (1) element in the plan that you think will be the most difficult for you. Next, identify three (3) techniques you can use to overcome the challenges. Justify your selection of these techniques.

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