Assignment DRO Contingency Worksheet?
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Decide which of the following concepts are most applicable to each scenario: differential reinforcement of other behavior, avoidance contingency, punishment by prevention of reinforcer, punishment by loss of reinforcer, or avoidance of loss.


Defend your answer in 2-3 sentences each, using citations as needed.


  1. Sally, a 13-year-old      teenager, is tired of having her mom nag her about her bedroom. Her mom nags      about the clothes on the floor, the bed being unmade, and the trashcan spilling      over in her bathroom.  Sally comes      home from school in a bad mood and the last thing she wants to hear is her      mom’s nagging voice. To get around the expected response from her mom, she      cleans her room, makes her bed, and empties her trashcan.
  2. Sally makes the 7th-grade      track team by finishing before another girl by less than 0.05 seconds in      her event—the 400 meter relay.  Sally is proud of making the team but needs      to work harder in the practices that follow. The first track meet does not      go well. Out of the four girls on the relay team, she has the slowest time,      so her track coach removes her from the team, and makes her sit as an      alternate.
  3. Chad is a 45-year-old man going back to school while working full time. A self-proclaimed procrastinator, his job as a computer programmer can handle his laid back style and ever-changing deadlines.  In school, however, he is having difficulty turning his homework in on time. The teacher has told him that success is impossible if he does not turn his papers in on time, yet he fails to do so week after week.

4. Chad continues to stay in school and is a B-minus student due to the procrastination aspect of his work ethic. He has been complaining lately about school and thinking about withdrawing. His comments about the teacher, the class, the work and his grades are starting to get annoying so his mom decides to only reinforce his verbal behavior every 5 minutes he talks to her without making a negative comment about school.

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