1. Students are to write a 10-12 page paper (not including reference and abstract) in APA format.

2. The topic of the paper is to be centered around a current event (within the last 6 months) in public administration (local, national, or international). 

3. Scholarly Abstract and References are mandatory.

APA Paper Outline, and Reference page, and Research (2.2): Students are to compile an outline of the organization of their paper (headings) and also create their template formatted paper with APA cover page and the reference list of at least 6 scholarly sources as research material for their paper. Scholarly sources include journals, articles, books and reputable websites.

Example of Abstract:


This paper explores four published articles that report on results from research conducted on online (Internet) and offline (non-Internet) relationships and their relationship to computer-mediated communication (CMC). The articles, however, vary in their definitions and uses of CMC. Butler and Kraut (2002) suggest that face-to-face (FtF) interactions are more effective than CMC, defined and used as “email,” in creating feelings of closeness or intimacy. Other articles define CMC differently and, therefore, offer different results. This paper examines Cummings, Butler, and Kraut’s (2002) research in relation to three other research articles to suggest that all forms of CMC should be studied in order to fully understand how CMC influences online and offline relationships.

Keywords: computer-mediated communication, face-to-face communication

Abstract should have the following built into it:

  • Purpose/      Objective
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusions

4. Written work is to incorporate elements of lecture and reading material (concepts, terms) as well as clear connections to at least two pillars (effectiveness/efficiency, accountability, legitimacy, equity/fairness, or representation).

5. Paper should present the issues related to the pillars and one’s commentary of how the current event may or may not have ethical considerations in regards to public administration norms, conduct, or expectations as it relates to course content.

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