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Reviews and comments play a major role in any e-commerce industry. As we have pretty good reviews regarding the delivery. And recently we got bad reviews regarding refunds for a customer, it’s taking longer than expected.
We are currently using linnworks for order management and google documents for returns products from the customer. As our sales have been increased to 200%. The amount of returns from the customer is also increased.

Till now uk tech lab has been doing the returns manually by entering Order id and the SKU. And customer care department will take care of refund from there. As the increase in the returns. The data entry for return products from the customer in google sheet takes longer than expected

Our team came up with the solution. Any customer whoever doesn’t like the product wants to return it back. Customer care department usually creates the label for them. Now we are adding the barcode on the label. Once we receive the product from the customer we can scan and automatically uploads in the system.
For this, we are using khos control cloud software for the return management.

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