Researchers Presentation Outline

Researchers Presentation Outline

Prepare a 15 minute presentation that visualizes your research paper.


First slide


  • Name of presenter
  • Specific department of employment
  • Emblem of department


  • Introduce yourself as an employee at your department
  • Describe what your department’s purpose in enough detail that your audience can understand why it is logical you were there based on your scenario
  • Include your portion of the narrative

Lit review

3-4 slides that details the background of your topic using both bulleted words AND visuals. Do not copy paste your paper.

Materials and Methods

1 Slide

  • Introduces the experiment and describes the purpose

1 Slide

  • Includes all materials used in the experiment
  • Details the inclusion criteria for subjects

1 Slide

  • Overview of the techniques used in the experiment








1 Slide

  • Visual 1
    • Has a title
    • Includes units of measurement
    • Clearly labeling X and Y axis
  • Discuss: each data point as it is illustrated on the chart in detail

1 Slide

  • Visual 2
    • Has a title
    • Includes units of measurement
    • Clearly labeling X and Y axis
  • Discuss: each data point as it is illustrated on the chart in detail


1-3 Slides

  • Assign meaning to the data as it related to
    • The lab/ field study
      • Did your research support your hypothesis?
    • Scientific community
    • The general public

1-2 slides (1 slide for each)

  • Discuss current events and how they are related to your data

1 slide

  • Give ample history of related legislation
  • Introduce your recommended policy change. Copy paste the wording from your bill

1 slide

  • Justify your policy change by including additional benefits or compare to other places with similar policy
  • Make it clear why including this information strengthens your argument.

1 slide

  • Conclude with a compelling statement that stresses the importance of action by the congress because of your obligation to the profession (Nightingale Pledge)



Be prepared to answer the following questions

  • Do you believe nurses have an obligation to protect the environment or be advocates for social justice? Why?
  • What would be some advantages of a more professionally diverse congress? Why?
  • Do you believe health care professionals should take a more active role in policy? Why?
  • How does current policy affect the health care field? Give one example.
  • What role does education play in behavior change?
  • Why is multidisciplinary collaboration amongst experts essential for the advancement of science and legislative reform?
  • Do you believe nurses and other health care professionals are qualified to hold public office?


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