Requirements for the Analysis of a Security: To bring your theoretical studies to a more practical level,you must do an analysis of one security. You may use anysecurity (stock only) listed on any of the exchanges or on theOTC. This is an unstructured assignment, so you may use anyanalytical method or group of methods you feel comfortable with. You are encouraged to research books and articles by stock analyst to glean ideas. Most textbooks have chapters on security analysis and financial and economic analysis. Use Your textbook as a start-off point. Use whatever references, advisory letters, andother sources you deem necessary. This security report will be the first part of the paper and you will present your finalresults in report form consisting of 3 pages. The firstparagraph of the paper will answer the question–as of the date you submit this paper, what is your recommendation? The remainder of the paper will contain your substantiation and methodology. You may add supplemental appendices showing any additional information including key figures, formulas, charts, graphs, tables, etc. The second part of the paper is designed to put you into the shoes of a day-to-day portfolio manager. Select 5 articles fromthe Wall Street Journal or Barrons that you feel will have a direct or indirect effect on the value of your stock. These may be articles pertaining directly to the stock itself, to the industry or to the economy in general. Use your judgment and show clear consistent reasoning. Clip or xerox the articles andwrite a short synopsis on how you would use this information to change positions and strategiesin your portfolio. Explain each article as a trigger for a buy, sell or hold decision. This analysis should not exceed 3 pages.

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