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SPM 444 – Renegades Write the Rules Paper

Instructions: Renegades write the rules: How digital royalty used social media to innovate provides a number of valuable marketing lessons which can be applied to managing an organization’s social media accounts and marketing in general. For this assignment you will read and analyze the book using the points below to guide your reading, and ultimately your paper. This paper requires 7-10 written pages and is worth a total of 50 points. The suggested page lengths for each section are provided as a guide, but you are free to address each section as you feel fit. Your reflection paper should consist of the following parts: Part I – Introduction (5 points – suggested length: approximately 1 page):

• Provide a brief summary of the book

Part II – Connection with Sport Marketing (20 points – suggested length: approximately 3 – 4 pages):

• After reading the book you should discuss: o How the reading connects with specific topics and/or segments of sport

marketing which we discussed in class, and as such how it helped you understand sport marketing

• NOTE: In developing your response to Part II you must support your thoughts by providing a number of specific passages, sentences, quotes, etc. which led you to the development of this part of the paper. If ample support is not provided you will not receive credit for this part of the assignment.

Part III – Social Media Audit (20 points – suggested length: approximately 3 – 4 pages)

• For this part of the paper you should pick an actual sport brand which markets towards consumers/fans (League, Team, Company, Event, or Facility) and follow their social media activities throughout the course of the semester. Based on your following of their account(s), and your reading of Renegades Write the Rules, you should discuss:

o How they are utilizing social media to communicate with and market towards consumers?  What type of posts are they utilizing across their accounts?

• What timeframe/dates did you analyze? • How are their posts “scheduled” (i.e., do they post certain

content on certain days, is there a noticeable pattern throughout the semester, how often do they post, etc.?)

 How is the brand being positioned? What brand associations are they trying to portray, create, etc.? Was their brand being portrayed consistently throughout the semester?

 Can you determine who their target market(s) is/are

 How much interaction is there between the brand and their consumers?  Are they attempting to generate revenue through social media? How?

o In good detail, describe at least two specific and actionable

changes/recommendations you have for the brand in order to improve their social media activities as it relates to using their social media account(s) for marketing purposes  In this section you should not only make the new recommendations,

but do so by referencing some of the best practices discussed in Renegades Write the Rules

• NOTE: The purpose of an audit is to critically analyze a certain aspect of an organization – in this case the organization’s social media activities. Saying you would not recommend any changes, additions, etc. will earn you no credit for this part of the assignment. You must make thoughtful recommendations while making specific reference to the book and/or examples from the book to support your recommendations. In addition, your recommendations should not only discuss what your recommendation is, but how/what specifically the organization should do.

Part IV – Conclusion (5 points – suggested length: approximately 1 page):

• Discuss at least two key takeaways which you feel are most applicable to those working in sport marketing AND what you personally think are key learnings from the book that you may use in your future career.

Part V – Appendix

• You can utilize an appendix as you wish. This may be helpful when illustrating how the brand you are analyzing is utilizing their social media accounts (i.e., provide screengrabs to help illustrate what you are discussing in the text)

• Note: The appendix will not count toward the 7-10 page requirement

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