READ: Module 7 – Behavioral and Psychological Adjustment

Discuss the importance of identity formation during adolescence according to Erikson and relate it to the Peterson’s and Moffitt’s theories regarding the development of aggression and anti-social behavior.
Discuss the prevalence of anxiety and depression during adolescence.
Using the video from the Learning Activities on the diathesis-stress model, explain how gene-environment interactions might influence these behavioral issues during adolescence.
Format Instructions:

Write an Introduction that gives overview of subject matter of this paper and any experiences you have had related to the topics.
Write a Conclusion that summarizes the main points of this paper.
Length: 1-2 pages (500-600 words)
Double space the paper and use font no larger than size 12
Must have 1 “margins
Organize your paper so that it is evident that you addressed all of the parts of the assignment. Be sure to edit and proofread your paper for grammar and spelling errors as well as unclear writing.

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