For this assignment, you need to answer the following questions completely. Your answer to each question should be about 700-800 words.
1. Read a license agreement for a software product. It could be a game, operating system, video editor, tax preparation program, and so on.
1. What does the license agreement say about the number of copies you can make?
2. Does it specify penalties for making unauthorized copies?
3. Was the agreement easy to read before purchase (e.g., on the outside of the package or available on a website)?
4. Do you consider the license agreement to be clearly stated? Reasonable?
2. Find and describe the result or current status of The Author’s Guild et al v. Google, Inc., the lawsuit against Google for digitizing books without permission (Textbook, Section 4.3 Search Engines and Online Libraries).
3. The section on hacking by governments (Section 5.2.4 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., Hacking as Foreign Policy) describes, mostly, incidents of hacking for military or strategic purposes. Find information about hacking for industrial espionage. Summarize your findings. What responses are appropriate?
4. Find a use of biometrics in your city. Describe the application and its benefits and risks.
Your deliverable should be include four parts. You are required to:
1. Respond to above questions (40%)
2. Validate and verify your response against the requirements of the assignments (why do you think your response satisfies the requirements of the assignment) (20%)
3. Explain how you approached this assignment, the assumptions you used, decisions you made, the and how you were able to complete the assignment (20%)
4. Reflect on this assignment experience, and the lessons you learned from the assignment (20%)
Follow the APA format, and free of grammatical and spelling errors.
Once complete, post your paper in a Word Document as an attachment

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