This project will require you to analyze the past and current fundraising efforts of a nonprofit organization and then develop a fundraising plan for the selected nonprofit. Given a comprehensive analysis is to be conducted and a fundraising plan developed in the time frame of this class, the selected nonprofit organization should be small to medium in size and ideally one you are familiar with through your volunteer experiences or work. At minimum you should have access to the necessary organizational information to complete the project assignments.

For this assignment:

  • Provide the history and mission statement and describe the main 
    program/activities of the nonprofit organization.
  • Identify the five major fundraising principles and discuss each principle’s 
    effect on the nonprofit. Use examples and data from the nonprofit in your 
  • Identify the nonprofit’s funding priorities and include a specific dollar 
    amount the nonprofit intends to raise for the year to achieve the stated 
  • Include a case statement for the nonprofit’s fundraising efforts in an 
    appendix to the assignment.
  • Select an appropriate assessment tool, such as a SWOT analysis, to perform 
    an analysis of the nonprofit’s fundraising efforts. Discuss the components of 
    the tool and provide your rationale for selecting the specific tool.
  • Use the selected analysis tool to analyze the nonprofit’s current fundraising 
    activities. There should be a minimum of three types of fundraising activities 
    analyzed such as individual contributions, grants, special events, and 
    corporate sponsorships.
  • Based on the analysis, discuss the nonprofit’s organizational capacity to 
    achieve its funding priorities and the potential benefits and pitfalls of raising 
    or not raising the specified funds.
  • Must be in APA format and cite all sources


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