Prepare Phase II of Fundraising Methods Composition


Over the course of Weeks 4-6, you are preparing a comprehensive summary and analysis of 10 different major categories of nonprofit fundraising approaches. Last week you began this endeavor by preparing the overall outline and populating the Introduction, Major Gifts, Legacies, In Memoriam, Grants, and References sections. This week, you are to continue building the comprehensive summary and analysis composition by populating the Community Fundraising, Corporate Fundraising, Trusts, Foundation, and References sections.

Here is the outline for the paper:

  • Introduction;
  • Major Gifts;
  • Legacies;
  • In Memoriam Giving;
  • Grants;
  • Community Fundraising;
  • Corporate Fundraising;
  • Trusts;
  • Foundations;
  • Digital Methods;
  • Social Media;
  • Reflection;
  • Conclusion;

In each of your Community Fundraising, Corporate Fundraising, Trusts, and Foundation sections, address the following:

  • Summarize the source of potential funding
  • Discuss its short-term and long-term planning implications for the leader of a nonprofit organization
  • Explain the impact changes in the economy are likely to have on this source
  • Identify associated ethical issues and considerations related to maintaining accountability when using this source of fundraising.

Submit a document containing the entire outline with the only the specified sections identified in the Week 4 and Week 5 assignment instructions populated with discussion.

Support your paper with a minimum of six (6) scholarly resources.

Length: 8-12 pages not including title and reference pages and not including pages containing the titles of sections of the outline that are not assigned to be populated with discussion this week.

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