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Please have doctoral writing experience, no APA 6th Edition format, Please include an APA doctoral reference and title page. For this Assignment, you consider the future of higher education and the vision you hold of yourself within the profession of higher education.

Part 1: The Future of Higher Education Write a reflection on the future of Higher Education considering the topics covered throughout this course. What are your predictions of issues that will garner the most attention in the years to come? What changes do you foresee in higher education at the state, national, and international levels? What will the future of change leadership require for success? Include other insights and key learning from this course.

Part 2: Personal Leadership Statement Write a personal leadership statement that includes the following: What role do you envision yourself playing in higher education? How does your professional identity incorporate a positive social change perspective? Consider the specifics of positive social change in the environment or context of your work (current or anticipated). What are positive social change priorities dependent on in your work context? (Consider location, finances, demographics, etc.)

Part 3: Applying your Professional Vision Option 1: Identify and research an institution of higher education where you envision working. Compose a professional interest letter introducing yourself to them. Explain what you can contribute to the institution as a leader, incorporating what you have learned in this course that applies to your vision as a leader and to the institution’s expressed values and priorities. Option 2: Alternatively, find an actual position posting that you would be interested in (whether you are currently qualified or not) and write a cover letter explaining why you are the best person for the job.


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