PAPER 2 The relevance of sociological ideas, theory, and research extends to the everyday happenings in our personal/social lives and the world around us. In this assignment, you will find one current event/news story that relates to families

The relevance of sociological ideas, theory, and research extends to the everyday happenings in our personal/social lives and the world around us. In this assignment, you will find one current event/news story that relates to families and/or relationships that appears in a reputable news source, discuss the basic issues/ideas, and discuss how sociology helps you to understand the content.

Choosing a Current Event

You may choose any current event/news story that pertains to families and/or relationships from a reputable online news source. Reputable news sources include those that report factual counts of events/stories (to the best of the reporter’s knowledge) (e.g. NPR, the New York Times, etc.), lease do not choose events/stories described by satirical (e.g. The Onion), tabloid (e.g. Sun, Star), or entertainment (e.g. People magazine) sources. A good place to search is the Council on contemporary Families (; click or hover over Publications on the top menu (especially Brief Reports, but please do not use Fact Sheets). If you are unsure about the credibility of a particular news source, or the acceptability of a particular article, please ask me in advance of making your choice. Be sure to include the website address of your chosen news item.

*please note you cannot news covering gray divorce as a topic as that is related to the extra credit assignment

Discussing the Basics

Describe the basic ideas and content of the news item. What is the basic topic? What basic ideas/facts about the topic are covered? What (if any) evidence is provided about the topic? What overall point/message does the source convey about the topic? Is the evidence (if any is provided) consistent with the message/conclusion? You should cover any information necessary to understanding the news story.

Applying Sociology

The majority of your paper should address how sociology helps clarify the meaning of the news story. To this end, choose at least three concepts from the course material that relate to your chosen topic. Thoroughly describe the definition of each concept and any supporting details/information necessary to understanding it. Then, thoughtfully and thoroughly discuss how each concept relates to the topic of the news story. Consider, for example, how each of your chosen sociological concepts 1) clarifies the meaning or consequences of the topic, 2) challenges or contradicts the content of the news source.

Here are some examples of concepts that you might use (there are many more):

  • paradigms and worldviews
  • public/private spheres of men and women
  • the time bind
  • racism
  • ethnocentricity
  • stereotypes
  • homogamy and homophily
  • intersectionality
  • the feminine mystique
  • gender socialization
  • acculturation/assimilation
  • colorblind/symbolic racism
  • sexual double standard
  • romantic love
  • utilitarian love
  • relationship rituals
  • opportunity cost
  • intensive motherhood


You should use readings from class (book and articles) and cite accordingly. If you want to reference other academic sources in your paper, you may, but this paper is primarily to help me understand if you comprehend the readings. Therefore outside sources should never replace the required readings.

This Paper is due Sunday, February 17th at 10 PM Central Time

This paper should be double-spaced, in 12 point font with 1-inch margins.

Your paper should be at least 1,000 words. Include a separate cover page with your name, course, paper title, and word count.

You must cite vour sources (any format is fine).

/ will subtract 20% for not following formatting instructions. In other words, do not change the margins, and do not forget the cover page with the word count!

Please consult the grading rubric in the “Resources” folder for full information on how this paper will be graded. However, remember you must: 1) choose a news story from a reputable news source and providing the exact website URL, 2) adequately describe basic information about the topic, 3) describe and apply three sociological concepts thoughtfully and thoroughly.

Due Date

Feb 17, 2019 10:00 PM

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Rubric Name: Paper Rubric FINAL


of Ideas                 explores the issues showing

thorough comprehension of the text; goes beyond the obvious or class discussion


is well organized and developed with appropriate reasons and examples

is adequately organized and developed, generally supporting ideas with reasons and examples







Control of






is generally free from errors in               may have a few errors in

mechanics, usage, and sentence mechanics, usage, and structure                                             sentence structure

may have some errors, but generally demonstrates control of mechanics, usage, and sentence structure
Paper formatted correctly, including:

At least 1,000 words

Times New Roman 12 point font

1-inch margins

All sources cited

NOTE: do not change the

margins, font, kerning, or size of

punctuation (I know all of these

tricks!). Think of the page

requirement is a guide, not a

strict rule for you to try to get


/ 100
Overall Score


























Level 3                                            Level 2                                             Level 1

8 points minimum                             5 points minimum                              0 points minimum

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