One assertion of the broken windows theory is that a declining neighborhood will continue to deteriorate because the presence of broken windows, graffiti, or trashed cars will lead people to believe that no one in the community cares. A major issue in overcoming such situations is how to create sustainable programs to reduce the likelihood of the return of decline. Collaboration to address issues becomes a moot point if all we do is keep returning to the same problems.

Consider what you have learned thus far about collaboration, sustainability, and the inclusion of diverse groups in problem-solving. Look around your community and consider where “broken windows” may be a systemic issue. In your discussion, identify the issues and propose a plan to interdict the deteriorating situation, including how you would include diverse groups in a collaborative and sustainable improvement effort.

Be sure to use the articles you found in your research to inform your discussion and appropriately cite and reference your sources in current APA style.

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