D&M 3 NDNP 864
Midterm Study Guide

Week 1: Early child development notes (chapter 6):

Toddler: 12-24 months
Preschoolers: 2-5 years old

WHO growth charts should be used to measure weight and length for children less than 24 months
CDC weight and length charts used for children older than 24 months

Average 24 month weighs 26 lbs, length 33.5 in and HC 18.5 in
Most have no palpable fontanelle by 12 months
Ant fontanelle closes by 18-19 months
3-6 yrs weight gain expectation is 4.5-6.5 lbs/year
3-6 yrs height gain expectation is 2.5-3.5 inches/yr
4 yrs length at birth has doubled
4-5 years old legs grow faster than rest of the body

Use of dominant hand may appear as early as 8-12 months generally emerges 2-4 years old; handedness established at 5yrs

May develop bowel and bladder control by age 3, but many will not. Boys usually take longer than girls to maintain bedtime bladder control.


-24 months- 25% is understood by a stranger
-24m-36m- 66% is understood by a stranger
-3 years old- 90% should be understood by a stranger
3 and 4-year-old have a normal hesitance or show stuttering, considered abnormal if beyond 5 years of age

Speech problems often can be from lack of stimulation, hearing problems, ear infections, developmental delay. Early detection important.


girls typically say their first word between 8-11 months; boys by 14 months

2 year olds: have more than 200 words in their vocabulary
3 years old: 900 words in vocabulary
3-4 yrs old: able to follow simple commands, talks incessantly
4-5 year olds: add at least 50 new words a month; 1500-2100 words in vocabulary (including names, coins, colors, knows days of the week)
5 year olds: should be able to define certain words with other words (cup: something you drink with)


8 months: develop receptive language- they understand what a word means before they are able to use it themselves
12-28 months: use holophrases (single words) to express whole ideas
18 months: use telegraphic speech (get milk, go bye-bye)
2 years old: short sentences
3 years old: add plurals, 3-4 word sentences
4 years old: past tense
5 years old: syntax is close to adult style, 5-6 word sentences

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