Annotated Bibliography Instructions:

You must collect and read 20 research articles or government sources from the past 5 years relevant to water testing, water bacteria, and sources of that bacteria. This background research will contribute a key ingredient to a Project Paper: Final at the end of the course. The assignment:

Create a simple annotated bibliography of 20 references constructed using the standard AMA format found in the AMA Manual of Style. In addition, compose a synopsis paragraph to annotate each of the references immediately following its citation. A space must follow the citation and the corresponding annotation presented with a hanging indent from the left margin below the citation. Provide a not less than 125-word original summary of the corresponding article. Attempt to capture the essence of each article’s contents as a consolidated resource to be used when writing the Project Paper later in the semester. The process will be repeated for each subsequent citation.

This list may use any peer-reviewed journal or government document. You may also use the internet to help you locate sources, but do not include any websites on your list. Also avoid popular literature (newspapers or magazines), encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other popular sources of information.

Use single space, not double space thru the whole document, the document will be delivered using SafeAssign, avoid plagiarism, plagiarism will not be tolerated and could be ground for class dismissal.

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